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By Oscar V.

Oscar V.

Royal Canin oferuje krokieciki w rozmiarze XS. X-Small to idealna karma dla psów typu toy (yorków, pinczerów miniaturowych...) w wieku od 8 do 12 lat. Jak zwykle przypominamy jakie znaczenie dla naszych psów ma żucie (ze wszystkimi korzyściami jakie ono za sobą pociąga), nawet gdy mamy do czynienia z małymi szczękami. Jeśli do tego dodamy odpowiednią kompozycję składników odżywczych będziemy mieli silne i zdrowe psy niezależnie od ich wielkości.

Royal Canin X-Small Mature +8


Royal Canin

Complete and balanced food for the daily food of adult dogs of breed miniature (less than 4 kg) from the 10 months to 8 years. This I think takes care of the health of the small dogs and meet their nutritional needs, providing all the nutrients (prot ...


  • 500 GR 26,19 52,38zł/KG
  • 1,5 Kg 55,78 37,19zł/KG

Order 2 units, don't run out of it

  • x1 26,19 26,19zł/unit
  • x2 -0,52zł 51,86 25,67zł last unit
  • x3 -0,79zł 77,78 25,40zł last unit
  • x5 -1,31zł 129,64 24,88zł last unit
  • x1 55,78 55,78zł/unit
  • x2 -1,12zł 110,44 54,66zł last unit
  • x3 -1,67zł 165,67 54,11zł last unit
  • x5 -2,79zł 276,11 52,99zł last unit

Udzielając zwierzakom zadowolenia z asortymentu przekąsek!

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Składniki Royal Canin X-Small Mature +8

Ingredients: rice, dehydrated poultry, maize, animal fats, corn flour, corn, hydrolyzed animal protein, isolated from plant proteins gluten (L.I.P.: protein selected for their high assimilation), pulp of chicory, minerals, oil of soybean, integumentos and seeds of psyllium (1%), yeast, oil of fish, fructo-oligosaccharides. Additives (per kg): nutritional additives: vitamin A: 22200 IU, vitamin D3: 1000 UI, E1 (Hierro): 51 mg, E2 (iodine): 5.2 mg, E4 (copper): 10 mg, E5 (manganese): 67 mg, E6 (Zinc): 200 mg, E8 (selenium): 0.09 mg - technological additives: triphosphate pentasódico: 3.5 g - antioxidant - preservatives.

Guaranteed analysis: Crude protein: 24%, oils and fats gross: 18%, crude ash: 5.7%, crude fibre: 1.7%, EPA/DHA: 2.5 g/kg, calcium 0.82%, phosphorus 0.70%, sodium 0.4%, iodine 5.6 mg/kg. Metabolisable energy (calculated according to NRC85) 3808.5 kcal/kg.

Recommended daily amount: The recommended amounts are indicative and should adjust accordingly since they vary depending on the age of the animal, the activity, ambient temperature, etc. Rations must conform later to the energy needs of the animal, guided by the maintenance of optimal body weight.

Instructions for use: Serving food dry or lightly moistened newspaper to be guided by the table of the recommended daily ration. It is better to split the corresponding ration in two or more servings a day. Let water always clean and fresh at the disposal of the animal.

Available in bottles of 1.5 kg and 3 kg.

Cechy Royal Canin X-Small Mature +8

  • Referencja3182550831345
  • Waga3 Kg, 500 GR, 1,5 Kg
  • MarkaRoyal Canin
  • WiekSeniorzy
  • SmakKurczak
  • Wielkość psaMały
  • Zakres produktówPhysiological Royal Canin, Royal Canin SHN Size Health Nutrition
  • ProducentRoyal Canin,ESP28000439,Royal Canin Ibérica, S.A. PLAZA CARLOS TRIAS BELTRÁN, 4 Madrid 28022 MADRID (ESPAÑA)

Opis Royal Canin X-Small Mature +8

Complete and balanced food for the daily food of adult dogs of breed miniature (less than 4 kg) from the 10 months to 8 years. This I think takes care of the health of the small dogs and meet their nutritional needs, providing all the nutrients (protein, vitamins and minerals) that your dog needs to keep healthy and active. A croquette special small size that adapts perfectly to the small mouths of these animals has been developed. Its exclusive formula satisfies the appetite of the most sensitive dogs. It is a formulated feed under veterinary supervision.

Key benefits:

Digestive health: contains nutrients and easy to digest." src="http://en.tiendanimal.es/images/descimages/RC_X-small_adult_croqueta.jpg" class="img-responsive" style="box-sizing: border-box; border: 0px; vertical-align: middle; display: block; max-width: 100%; height: 65px; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto; width: 70px; float: right;"> Rich in fibers to promote intestinal transit and prevent constipation.Skin health: enriched with EPA and DHA, source of Omega 3 fatty acids that they favor the health of the skin and hair.Dental hygiene: looks after the health of the teeth, reduciendo the formation and accumulation of tartar due to its calcium chelating agents.Urinary tract health: maintaining the health of the urinary system.

Opinions of the customers Royal Canin X-Small Mature +8

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A ração é super palatável e meus cães amaram. Mas ela é muito oleosa. Não sei se é o suposto ser, mas parece mesmo envolta de óleo super amarelo. Talvez.seja até ômegas mas é estranho.


Os meus ces adoram, at os que no tm mais de 8 anos.


Perfecto, es el que ms le gusta .

Cena standardowa


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