Frontline Tri-Act 20-40Kg



The antiparasitic solution elevated to full power. Frontline TRI-ACT is a new broad-spectrum antiparasitic triple action:-Repele: Sand flies, mosquitoes, stable flies and ticks-Eliminates: Fleas and Ticks-Protects the dog every dayTRI-ACT FRONTLINE&r ...

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Cechy Frontline Tri-Act 20-40Kg

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  • TRI-ACT 20-40KG

Opis Frontline Tri-Act 20-40Kg

The antiparasitic solution elevated to full power. Frontline TRI-ACT is a new broad-spectrum antiparasitic triple action:

-Repele: Sand flies, mosquitoes, stable flies and ticks

-Eliminates: Fleas and Ticks

-Protects the dog every day

TRI-ACT FRONTLINE® external parasite is presented in the form of spot-on solution easy to use and which contains as active ingredients permethrin and fipronil.

Fipronil is the main active ingredient in FRONTLINE product range. It is an insecticide / miticide substance that is characterized by speed of action, an excellent safety profile and long-lasting effects.

Permethrin is a substance belonging to the pyrethroid class of type 1 is an insecticide and acaricide which exerts a repellent action against sandflies, mosquitoes and ticks.

Monthly use of FRONTLINE TRI-ACT will help you protect your dog in areas with a high risk of by sandflies (leishmaniasis), mosquitoes (heartworm), ticks (babesiosis, ehrlichiosis, anaplasmosis, Lyme disease) and flea-borne diseases ( rickettsiosis, bartonelosis, dipilidiosis).


Persistent 99% efficacy against fleas for 4 weeks, even under exposure to water (2 or 3 dives) or 1 bath with shampoo.

Persistent action quickly removing fleas for 4 weeks. Rapid efficiency, with an efficiency> 95% within the first hour during the first week and an efficiency above 99% during the first 6 hours for 4 weeks.

Protection for 4 weeks versus the 3 major tick species infesting dogs in Europe, including Dermacentor reticulatus, the vector of canine babesiosis.

Repellent efficacy against leishmaniasis vectors, Dirofilariosis and off the stable flies:

-Flebotomos (Phlebotomus perniciosus):> 90% repellency during 3 weeks and> 80% for 5 weeks

-Mosquitos (Culex pipiens): ≥90,4% for 4 weeks

Stables-flies (Stomoxys calcitrans):> 88.6% for 5 weeks


FRONTLINE TRI-ACT is indicated only for dogs. DO NOT use on cats, rabbits and small mammals.

No studies have been conducted with this veterinary medicinal product in pregnant or lactating females, so that the product should only be used on the recommendation of a veterinarian after a risk-benefit assessment.

The product can be used in puppies from 8 weeks of age and weighing at least 2 kg.

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son las que llevo usando desde que tenemos la pequeño, son algo caras pero hasta ahora han dado muy buen resultado


excelente, muy eficaz


funciona muy bien esta pipeta

Cena standardowa


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